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Many of these pieces have been
reproduced in Giclee' format.  

What's a Giclee'?  It's a very high
quality reproduction produced from a
high resolution digital scan of the
original and then printed from a kind of
"fine art ink jet" printer - using archival
inks and paper (many times the same
paper on which I paint).  The quality is
such that many museums use giclee's
- and I am hard pressed to tell the
difference in the repro and the original
from anything beyond about 3 inches

If you see an image that you're
interested in, just ask.  Chances are
I've got the reproduction.  Typically,
they run from $400 to $600 depending
on size (most are done in the size
comparable to the original) - and
sometimes I even have the Artist's
Proofs available for a little bit more.  
Most reproductions are in limited
editions of 25 and are signed and
numbered.  However, in the event I
don't have the reproduction, as long
as I have access to the original, I'll get
them started for you with the
commitment to purchase the Artist's
BABY DRAGONS is a new piece that is available as a
limited edition reproduction in the original size of 22"
X 30".