I am an unorthodox hedonist
originally raised by wolves.   I
later became a professional
watercolor artist, metal-smith,
and part-time musician.  I seem
like I’m about 28 ½  - teetering
precariously on the cusp of a
dawning awareness – though I’m
actually 48 (I’m currently reading
at a 49 year old level, though).

I was born and raised in
Beaumont - on the Gulf Coast
of Texas - and started drawing
at an early age.  My first
painting in 1997 was no
surprise, I had “discovered” my
gift. Dissatisfied and fed up
with the status quo, I quit my
job as a chef and went off in the
pursuit of happiness.  Living the
life of an artist has had its ups
and downs, but for the most
part, if a piano falls on my head
tomorrow, I’ve been doing things
on my terms and I’m satisfied
with that.  I’ve learned that it’s
important to live life right now,
because tomorrow never comes.

My influences include the sublime,
tortured soul of Brother Vincent,
John Singer Sargent, Gustav
Klimt, Claude Monet, Edgar
Degas, and Robert Henri.  I do
not, nor would I ever compare
my work to these genius
masters . . .  I do my own thing.
I list them because their work
pushes all of my hot buttons.

In my spare time I enjoy
running with scissors.
g a l l e r y
c l a s s e s
a b o u t
c o n t a c t
Here are links to some great artists . . .  just click on the name and it'll
launch a new window at their site.

Pam Stone Designs is where you'll go to find one hip chick who's an
amazing graphic designer.  She designed this site.  She's also my
favorite girlfriend within a 10 mile radius . . .

Westlight Studio has some amazing photographic art by Brenda Miles -
who's also my seester.

Anne Vogt Jewelry will show you some incredible rare and unusual
gems and minerals set in sterling silver.

Jeff Hughes is an unbelievable woodcarver and sculptor.

Kathleen Theriault is an amazing batik artist.

Marty White Elk Holmes is an artist producing some incredibly beautiful
hand blown glass art.  

KC Groves is a great picker, writer, and singer of bluegrass and old
time  music.  She's also an integral part of
Uncle Earl - a chick band that
does old time string band music.

Eric Thorin is a spectacular Bass fiddle player in both bluegrass and
jazz.  Eric plays with
Open Road - an exceptional bluegrass band based
in Lyons, Colorado.